Hanley Wood LLC, owner and producer of the World of Concrete exhibition, announced Wednesday, plans to launch World of Concrete India, which will debut in October 2013 at the HITEX Exhibition Centre in Hyderabad, India. With a booming construction industry, India has been in the process of modernizing its infrastructure including highways, bridges, airports, ports, metro and mono rails, power and projects. India serves as the perfect host for the well-known World of Concrete brand and the benefits it offers to exhibitors, attendees, and the surrounding communities.

“We are very excited to bring the World of Concrete brand to India. Our partnership with the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI), the leading organization for all segments of cement and concrete in India will make this a must-attend event for the construction marketplace in this part of the world,” indicates Tom Cindric, group director, World of Concrete.

Hanley Wood will produce this event with Inter Ads Exhibitions, a leading organizer of international exhibitions and conferences in India. Along with local support from the ICI, this event will welcome suppliers from the commercial concrete and masonry industries to the capital of the Indian state of Ardhra Pradesh. This exhibition will serve as a platform to highlight the latest products, technologies, tools, and equipment in the industry. ICI will organize its ICI-IWC conference, which was last held in 2008 in Delhi. This four-day conference will focus on innovative technologies and solutions pertaining to the global construction marketplace.

“The coming together of the Indian Concrete Institute and the World of Concrete is a milestone event for all the professionals engaged in the art and science of making concrete structures in India. This will change the way the information on concrete will be accessed by all. The showcasing of all the latest developments across the globe on all aspects of concrete technology and its use on one stage will bring all concrete professionals to Hyderabad during the October 2013 event—The International Conference and Exhibition. I hope the partnership will sustain for the coming years for all us professionals to look forward to,” says Er. Jose Kurian, president of ICI.