By answering these five questions, four producers tell how their operations changed after they purchased a reclaimer.

  • How did the reclaimer change the way you handle your returned concrete?
  • Do you use your wash water for mixing water?
  • Did the reclaimer require a lot of maintenance?
  • Did you have any problems convincing the drivers that recycling is worth their effort?
  • Did you find any problems with using wash-out water to wash out your drums?

Article includes a glossary of slurry, wash water, and other aqueous terms.

Keywords: reclaimer, United Concrete Companies, Ferndale Ready Mix, Horace Green, Mike Randolph, Larry VanWerven, water, slurry, environment, BIBKO, Con-Rec Technologies, C&W Mfg., Erie Strayer, Henry , Jadair, McNeilus, Roto-Reclaimer, Schwing Stephens, zero-discharge