Sustainable masonry manufacturer CalStar Products and the Architectural Products division of Ready Mix concrete producer Ozinga have partnered to develop FilterStar, a stormwater management system that provides the installation savings & structural support of pervious concrete with the surface appearance & durability of permeable brick pavers.

FilterStar combines two existing products—a layer of Ozinga FilterCrete pervious paving topped with CalStar permeable pavers. A porous concrete, FilterCrete features tiny holes that allow water and air to pass through, filtering rainwater to the soil below. Above the FilterCrete, CalStar permeable pavers offer the aesthetic of brick; their large lugs provide a 5.9% open area for a drainage rate of more than 800 inches per hour. As they do when installed separately, together the two products help prevent stormwater runoff by allowing water to filter back into the ground. Without such controls, rain rushes into storm drains and streams, taking with it sediment and pollutants while reducing groundwater replenishment.

FilterStar provides the strength of concrete, reducing settlement issues associated with porous pavers and also replaces the bedding and choker layers of aggregate which can reduce the depth of crushed aggregate typically needed under pavers. The CalStar pavers offer structural barrier to the wear that sometimes can affect porous concrete. In addition, the system meets 85,000-pound axle-load requirements.

“FilterStar not only delivers the stormwater control benefits that FilterCrete and CalStar offer separately, but combines to make those products even better,” says Jason Frymire, LEED AP, general manager for Ozinga Architectural Products. “It is the ideal solution for heavy traffic areas in need of comprehensive drainage and eye-catching design.”

FilterStar can be used for any traditional permeable paving project, including vehicular-traffic applications such as parking lots and cross walks. In addition, because the CalStar permeable pavers used for the FilterStar system are thinner than units used alone, the FilterStar system can be specified for retrofit applications where older pervious paving is deteriorating. Installers need only mill a fraction of the existing surface and install the pavers on top.

Like all CalStar pavers, the CalStar permeable units used for FilterStar are made with a proprietary process that incorporates up to 30% recycled content, requires up to 81% less energy, and emits up to 84% less CO2, resulting in a dramatic reduction in carbon footprint.

“Both Ozinga and CalStar are continually exploring new, innovative ways to help architects, builders, engineers, and landscape installers increase the sustainability,functionality, and design of their structures and landscapes, and FilterStar is indicative of those efforts,” says Joel Rood, CalStar CEO. “With simple solutions like this, there is no reason not to incorporate stormwater management into every

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