When I was a foreman, I had the unique talent of being able to walk through the plant and approach snoozing employees. They’d often startle in waking, worried that something had gone awry. Most times it was just a refreshing pause.  We all know that the vibrations from a truck idling or revolving drum mixer cancan easily relax even the hardest worker.  Heck, my first plant manager, Don McNeely even taught me his favorite spots to snooze under the premise of watching the operation rum smoothly along.

But let me warn you. Don’t snooze at a staff meeting run by one a young hot stuff editor. There I was thinking about the World of Concrete’s upcoming 40th edition, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Thanks for volunteering,” said that thirty-something journalism school grad of a manager. He even smiled.

I knew I was in trouble as my wrist was sore, my check wrinkled, and it was only him and me in the room. “If you have enough time to sleep here, you must not be busy enough,” he said walking out the room. And thus I’ve been  returned to my humble beginnings lead editor for The Concrete Producer brand.

I surely didn’t hear the discussion at the meeting. But I later learned at the coffee machine, that our Shelby Mitchell was also having trouble with sleep. In her case, it was not old age, or travel -lag, or laziness. Our favorite editor needed a break from the demands of media to attend to her growing and busy family. Shelby is still helping out, but on a smaller scale.

I think it’s a great time to become more involved. But don’t tell the boss, I want think I'm still in some sort of bargaining position for more money.) Concrete production is increasing. Trucks are being ordered. Producers are starting to hire again. And there’s a new group of professional to teach.

But most important There’s a growing market that wants our product, and is now willing to pay us a fair price for our efforts.

Please feel free to drop me a line on what’s going on in your operation, career, and plant. It’s time to start sharing every one’s  good news. And I promise to stay awake.