For more than ten years, members of ACI 318’s technical committee have been revising the stoic code. Their goal was to transform this important information from a 1980’s document to a modern source of information. This ambitious effort is an attempt to encourage greater concrete use on structural projects.

And it’s an industry event that requires your attention.

ACI 318-14 has been completely reorganized for greater ease of use and to address design requirements for specific member types, such as beams, columns, walls, and diaphragms. This means that all design provisions for a specific member type are contained within a single chapter. The committee also enhanced the readability of the document by developing the various member chapters to have parallel organization, with unified syntax, style, and format among the chapters, thus providing users with an explicit roadmap of relevant provisions. Also, the committee changed provisions that previously referred to generic elements, such as “flexural members,” to explicitly apply to specific member types. This new organization will provide increased confidence that a design satisfies all code requirements.

As with all new code documents, there must be a public discussion on the proposed changes. The completely reorganized ACI 318-14, “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary” is now available for public review for a 45-day period. Those interested can visit the web portal at to download and review the complete draft of ACI 318-14. You can even view the 318-14 video.

The 2014 edition of ACI 318-14 “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete” is expected to be available in Fall 2014, and be referenced in the 2015 edition of the International Building Code.

ACI will be hosting a 318-14 Twitter Chat on the afternoon of May 14 (which was scheduled to align with public discussion which will run from May 1 through mid June). Our goal is to be available to answer questions about the reorganization, and we will have 318 Chair Randy Poston and several staff to help with the Chat. It will be an open discussion. Hopefully hundreds of folks will be asking/answering questions during, and generally participating in the conversation.

Here’s the information on how to participate.