Working on or around ready mix trucks requires careful attention to safety. That is why Fred Goetz, general superintendent with Certified Concrete Co. of Chicago, made safety a priority when he began to look into the purchase of new ready mix trucks for his company's fleet. With this in mind, the company has been purchasing front-discharge trucks for several years. With the recent addition of four new trucks, the company now operates a fleet of 20 front-discharge trucks. The trucks offer several additional safety features, such as handrails on the top platforms that prevent falls, and better weight distribution, concentrated at the rear of the truck. The trucks also make it easy for the driver to see exactly where the truck is going when entering a construction site. The company has also implemented a safety training program that features a driver mentor program supplemented with videotapes and written tests produced by the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association. The program is aimed at basic problems and takes just 15 minutes.