Selecting a mixer for your plant requires careful assessment of your plant's needs and thorough research into the available models and latest features on the market. Focusing on a few basic features can greatly simplify your choice. There are two types of mixers: high- or low-intensity. High-intensity mixers use high speed shear forces to mix concrete, while low-intensity mixers lift or fold the concrete mixture. When comparing mixers, consider a number of different factors: Determine the amount of space you will have available for the mixer and related components. Check the batch size listed by the manufacturer, and the speed at which it is processed. Inquire about the time it takes the mixer to discharge its contents. Consider the consistency of the concrete you will be working with--some mixers can handle zero-slump concrete, some will only mix higher-slump concrete. Request information on the maintenance schedule reccommended by the manufacturer, and look into the amount of time required to clean up the machine at the end of the day.