Volumetric delivery trucks equipped with pigment meters offer producers a productive way to profit from marketing integrally colored concrete. Their benefits include:

  • No need for additional bin capacity.
  • Reduced waste concrete disposal.
  • Quick color change capability.
  • Accurate water/pigment ratios.

While volumetric trucks can transform point-of-sale coloring into a profitable endeavor, its real value is to the customer. A trained driver becomes an onsite batchman who immediately controls color tint and delivery rate. Point-of-sale colored concreting with volumetric trucks can be a producer's best tool to start expanding a strong local decorative concrete market. Eventually successful small colored-concrete jobs will encourage contractors to try bigger jobs. And with modern color additive equipment and confident contractors, the world will recognize that not all concrete has to be gray. Keywords: color, volumetric, Cemen Tech, Elkin, Margar, Reich America, Reimer International, Zimmerman Industries