Here are some important tips for maintaining ready mix reclaimers: 1. Know your machine. Every machine is different. Make sure you thoroughly read and understand the operation and maintenance manual. 2. Allow only qualified personnel to maintain the machine. Unless they are properly trained in machine maintenance, operators and truck drivers should not be allowed to attempt machine repairs. 3. Prevent accidents. Install blocks, posts, markings or mirrors to prevent ready mix trucks from backing into reclaimer components. 4. Make grease fittings easily accessible. 5. Keep conveyor belts properly tensioned and tracked. Loose or unevenly tracking belts can wear out faster and damage other components. 6. Check gearboxes for leakage. Low oil levels cause overheating and bearing failure. 7. Don't allow screens to wear through. 8. Keep screens clean. 9. Keep spray nozzles clean. Clogged nozzles can allow material to build up on screens. 10. Backflush and raise slurry pump when not in use. 11. Limit air pressure on pinch valves to 25 or 30 psi. 12. Regularly check drive belt tension. 13. Keep oil and grease away from drive belts. 14. Check for proper water flow. Too much or too little water can cause component wear and reduce efficiency. 15. Clean hardened concrete off support and guide rollers.