Country Club Road Residence

This home is an energy efficient green design, constructed with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's). The entire shell is constructed of steel reinforced concrete. This home is three times as thermal as traditional wood framed homes. It is also seismic, hurricane, sound, fire, mold, and insect resistant. Approximately 130 trees were saved by using ICF and steel deck floors.

The floors are all framed with fire resistant steel joists and acid stained concrete on the floors has custom designs and colors. The floors allow the radiant heat to efficiently warm up all floors, including the garage floor. The basement and garage floors have 2 in. rigid foam board insulation, sand and 10 mil poly vapor barrier under the concrete, providing tremendous insulation with thermal breaks to the ourdoors. A total of 214.5 yards of concrete were used on the home, with plans to use another 50 yards for the driveway.

Ninety percent of the lighting is Energy Star rated as well as all of the appliances and mechanicals. Lighting in popular areas is by automatic motion sensors with timed outputs.

Insulation, where needed, utilizes high-tech Icynene spray foam; no fiberglass. Sound systems on each floor feature volume controls and infrared remote control of the AM/FM, CD, HD radio, Sirius radio and IPod connections.

Other improvements include a propane fired high efficiency boiler (which powers the radiant heat in all three floors with outdoor programmable sensors), the hydro-air, and the domestic hot water. All thermostats are programmable. The home is completely comfortable, even in corners and near doors and windows, due to the high R-value and the open-air design.

The home has a large gym and fitness center with a modern looking stainless steel and tempered glass railing, a two person heated jacuzzi, a two person custom concrete finished 10-head shower with decorative ivy artwork professionally painted on the walls.

Other amenities include top floor laundry, master suite with home theater, oversized walk-in closets with power and built-in ironing board, a full size sauna, a built out basement with a full bath, and a home theater room with surround sound, theater seating for ten, and a 100 ft electric screen with a high resolution overhead projector.

Future plans include an energy efficient 8 x 10 ft custom-built hot tub spa, a fire pit, under decking, a built-in grilling area, and a rock landscaped waterfall. Outdoor work includes stamped concrete patios and walkways, stone and stucco veneer on the front, and an irrigation system.

Other notable features:

  • Walls are aligned between levels to save on beams and columns.
  • Expandable foam was used on every door, window, and penetration, adding to an airtight design; fresh air is re-circulated with the fresh air exchanger in the attic.
  • Rafters and roof sheathing in the attic are foam insulated to be airtight. Therefore all the HVAC attic ductwork is in the same climate as the rest of the home, saving energy during the air delivery.
  • Electrical and propane are plumbed in conduits under the concrete patios to the fire pit and grilling locations.
  • The hot tub will be constructed with ICF and all the mechanicals will be inside in the utility room, away from the elements, creating a very efficient heating design.
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