Use these guidelines to help make working on plant machinery safer: always lock or tag out equipment before beginning repair work; when working on a new or unfamiliar machine, don't rely solely on your experience with similar types of machines; be aware of stored energy in all its forms and the potential for sudden release; be aware of heat from hydraulic systems, steam lines, or hot oil in machinery oil sumps; be cautious of adjacent machinery--never step backward without first looking to see where you are going, and be aware of other work activities going on in the area; use power tools properly--be especially cautious using tools in damp areas, and be aware of kickback and flying material when using saws or grinders; be aware of pinch points such as gear teeth, chains and sprockets, augers, conveyor pulleys, and drive belts; keep guardrails in place when working on elevated platforms; clean up grease or oil on the floor and on machinery before doing any repair work; replace guards when repairs are completed.