A proposed new ASTM International standard, WK14283, “Guide for Green Roof Systems,” will identify terminology, principles, and concepts for building vegetated green roof systems. Subcommittee E06.71 on Sustainability, part of ASTM E-06 on Performance of Buildings, is developing the proposed standard.

“We are trying to develop a suite of relevant standards that industry professionals, manufacturers, government agencies, and municipalities can use to understand the fundamentals and performance of green roof systems,” says Michael Gibbons, president of Architectural Systems Inc. and a member of E06.71.

While a proposed “Practice for Assessment of Green Roofs” (WK575) is in the works, it is a long-range project. So the subcommittee also decided to develop WK14283 to serve as a significant source on the fundamental aspects and performance of a green roof system.

Several green roof standards have already been developed by Subcommittee E06.71 and are approved: