The article is a troubleshooting guide for compressed-air systems. Producers rely on compressed air to power critical devices like feeder gates or dump cylinders hundreds of times each day. You can avoid problems and emergency calls by preventive maintenance.

  • Review the compressor's location, placing the compressor's intake away from potential dust sources.
  • Routinely check the lubricant level and the drive belts. Oil cools and cleans, and should be changed according to manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Check the unit's pattern of operation. Efficient compressor applications minimize operating time and thus reduce electrical costs. Operating a compressor at less than full load results in compressor inefficiency and higher operating costs.
  • Monitor the plant's load factor immediately after a plant modification or addition.
  • Use a timer

Even with the best preventive maintenance, however, operational problems are bound to occur. This article includes a troubleshooting chart for compressed-air systems. Keywords: troubleshoot, compress, gate, cylinder, dust, line, connection, valve, fitting, filter, exchanger, condensate, trap, separator, pressure, switch, inlet, Kaeser Compressors