Are you receiving all of the concrete test results from labs and clients that you should be? It's a violation of building codes when concrete producers aren't provided with test results yet it's happening regularly.

In a recent blog post for Concrete Construction, sister publication to The Concrete Producer, Jay Shilstone provides a look at the problem. He specifically highlights three codes: ACI 318-14–Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete, ACI 301-10–Specifications for Structural Concrete, and ASTM C94–Standard Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete.

Para. 6.1 of ASTM C94 contains the following statement, “The purchaser [of the concrete] shall ensure that the manufacturer is provided copies of all reports of tests performed on concrete samples taken to determine compliance with specification requirements.” The only problem is that sometimes the purchaser does not hire the testing lab and does not control the distribution of tests. In that case it is the responsibility of the purchaser to specify to the organization that hires him that the tests be provided to the manufacturer. 

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