I'm working with a concrete contractor who is pouring C-4 for his footings in the morning, setting wall forms, and pouring them with C-4 that same day in winter conditions. What is your opinion of this construction process? How will this affect the concrete strength and durability down the road?

We've asked around the office, and we're unsure of what C-4 is. Is it some sort of standard mix? Have any of you, our readers, heard of this term? Your answer could be worth a leftover World of Concrete 2002 hat.

Generally, what you are describing probably is not a good idea. Putting loads onto green concrete (the footing) could easily overstress it, creating cracks. The footing needs to gain enough strength to support the formwork and concrete for the wall. If the wall and footing are poured monolithically, they will harden as a single piece and not load the footing separately.