Dust-control products perform a number of important functions at a plant. They eliminate waste by capturing cement that otherwise would blow away as dust. Dust-control products also reduce the amount of dust present in the air and on plant equipment. By doing this, the dust-control equipment leads to a cleaner plant environment, greater efficiency, and improved company image. A variety of systems exists to reduce the amount of dust at a ready mix, block or precast plant. Systems available include small dust-collection machines, silo and batcher filters and vents, and shroud assemblies and dust collectors that work as mixer trucks are being filled. Shroud-assembly systems capture dust at point of loading. These systems use shrouds to surround the truck and collect any dust at the point of loading. Filter vents control dust at silos and batchers. A non-toxic water-wetting agent and surface-tension breaker product is available to control dust on roads, conveyors, and yards. The product binds dust particles to the surface and prevents dust clouds that cause environmental problems. Finally, a system available from one manufacturer controls dust by converting it into a nondusting product.