Producers at Oldcastle Precast West and a vibrator manufacturer recently explored methods for both improving concrete consolidation and reducing noise levels in the group's facilities in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. At about the same time over on the East Coast, Oldcastle-Rotondo employees were conducting a similar study.

These studies reveal some concepts to keep in mind in regard to improving concrete consolidation and reducing noise when using external vibration. The list includes the following concepts.

  • Instead of mounting them in the middle of forms, install vibrators one-third of the way from the edges of forms and one-third to halfway down the form.
  • Install the units on horizontal stiffeners.
  • Step up to the next-highest force rating.
  • Use properly sized air hoses for each vibrator.
  • Place vibrators in a "staggered pattern" of alternating heights on the form surface vs. in a straight line.
  • Add together the total weight of concrete, forms, and vibrators for total mass to be vibrated in order to determine the necessary vibrator force rating.
  • Try to configure the air hoses in a "loop" system.
  • Generally speaking, turbine vibrators produce less noise than roller vibrators do.