Erie, Pa.

Macrosynthetic fibers played an important reinforcing role in the expansion project at the Erie Art Museum. The museum owners' desire for an eye-catching and joint-free floor surface for the 10,000- square-foot addition prompted the concrete contractor to submit high-volume macrosynthetic fibers as an alternative to the specified matt-steel reinforcement. The ground/polished concrete floor enhanced the project's sustainable platform by eliminating the steel reinforcement and placement labor, eliminating carpet and mastic floor covering, as well as the slab sawcutting process, and using all local materials and products. An exterior pervious parking and delivery pavement slab contributed to sustainability by accommodating stormwater run-off issues. Recycled polypropylene fiber reinforcement added durability and strength to the pavement for future traffic and snow plowing concerns.

Project Participants

Owner: Erie Art Museum, Erie, Pa.
Architect/Designer: Edge Studio, Pittsburgh
Structural Engineer: Desimone Consulting Engineers, San Francisco
Civil Engineer: Civil and Environmental Consultants, Pittsburgh
General Contractor: Spaulding Banks Project Management, Erie, Pa.
Concrete Contractor: Maya Brothers Inc., Erie, Pa.
Concrete Producer: Baycrete Ready-Mix, Erie, Pa.
Materials Supplier: Forta Corp., Grove City, Pa.
LEED Consultant: Evolve Inc., Pittsburgh

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