The following project was in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) and was completed in 2014. Concrete Fiber Solutions’ CFS 150-5 Concrete Reinforcing Steel Fibers were used on this bridge deck project to provide durability and longevity, and to reduce maintenance costs.

MODOT had to restore the west bound lanes of the Poplar Street Bridge, and needed to find a product that would withstand heavy traffic wear and harsh weather elements, and subsequently, something that would extend the projected life of the bridge deck. Concrete supplier Kienstra Ready Mix engaged Concrete Fiber Solutions for both its expertise in product design and the inherent benefits of fiber technology.

The use of concrete fibers to reinforce bridges and roads is becoming more and more popular and setting a new standard for the industry. Traditional reinforcement methods like wire mesh and stand-alone rebar simply can't measure up to the protection fibers provide – less shrinkage and cracking to the concrete means the pavement lasts longer with fewer maintenance costs along the way.

The 4-inch concrete overlay features 1,600 cubic yards of concrete, reinforced with 300,000 pounds of CFS type 5 steel fibers. This mix provided additional temperature and shrinkage reinforcement. Restoration on the east bound lanes is slated for the very near future.

Scott Maberry, vice president Kienstra said, “When I first saw this mix design, I was quite sure there was no way it would be a workable mix. But to my surprise, and I am happy to say, the mix was very workable and the steel fibers were evenly distributed throughout the entire pour. The CFS steel fibers absolutely worked and will be a big benefit in making this an extremely durable project."

Project Overview

  • Contractor:  Milstone & Weber
  • Concrete Contractor:  Keeley and Sons
  • Ready Mix Producer: Kienstra of Illinois
  • Consulting Engineer:  Dr. V.S. Gopalaratnam, Ph.D., P.E., University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Thickness: 4-inch Overlay
  • Fiber Dosage: 200# CFS 150-2