Good welding begins with a properly planned and executed installation. When installing a welding machine it is important to install the equipment in an uncluttered, clean, safe area with large quantities of fresh air for cooling and ventilation; adequate supply of proper electrical current should be available; the welding area should be separate from areas in the plant which generate moisture, dust, or corrosive or flammable fumes. It is important to keep dust out of the welding machine--blow ordinary dust off the machine with compressed air no greater than 30 psi. If airborne abrasives are in contact with the welding machine, use a vacuum cleaning rather than compressed air. Greasy or dirt-laden dust will build up on coils and cause overheating. Always ensure that intake and exhaust vents are not blocked. Never leave the electrode grounded to the work. This forces the machine to generate much higher currents than it was designed for. Do not work a machine above its rated capacity--it will cause your machine to overheat.