Again this year, Mack Trucks showcased the skills and abilities of ready-mix truck drivers. The event draws drivers from all over the country and the world to compete for prizes. These include $500 gift certificates, GPS units, watches, and more.

Competition starts with a walk-around safety inspection. The action really gets going and continues through parallel parking, the alley stop, turning radius, weigh scale, straight away, and the line stop. All this maneuvering takes place in an area larger than a football field.

“They said I won by just two inches,” said first-place individual winner Travis Klosterman, of Klosterman Concrete & Construction in Celina, Ohio. “The secret to it is to just take your time. Being accurate is more important than being quick. Just look at it as a fun experience.” Whether they won or not, that's just what all of the dozens of contestant had. Visit

For more event coverage, check out a slideshow of all of the contestants, and a video of the event.