Most states require air permits for the equipment and activities found at concrete plants. Dust emissions of particulate matter can be an environmental concern, affecting respiratory health of employees and residents in the surrounding area. Fortunately the sources of dust at a concrete plant are few--they include: silo filling, truck batching, cement and aggregate weighing, materials handling equipment, stockpiling, dusts from paved and unpaved haul roads. There are efficient methods to control these problems. Process sources such as silos, truck batching, or cement batching can be effectively controlled by dust-collection systems. Fugitive sources, like paved and unpaved haul roads and stockpiles, can be controlled by watering or use of surfactants. Requirements for a permit may include: a process description, site plans, a map of the site, a listing of all pollutants that might be discharged, quantitative estimates, and a description of the technology that will be used to control emissions.