Most concrete products plants have at least one piece of equipment powered by a small engine. Unfortunately, small engines often don't get the care they deserve. By following a few basic operating and maintenance guidelines, you can help ensure that your small engines will provide years of dependable service. General guidelines: always check to be sure that the transmission is in neutral or that attachments are disengaged before starting the engine; be sure the maximum engine speed under load is set according to the manual; when operating an engine indoors, ensure adequate ventilation; check oil level and air filter daily; change oil every 100 hours; keep accurate repair records. Hot weather operation: keep cooling fins clean; use heavier weight oil; check battery water levels often; use "regular" gasoline; shut the engine off instead of letting it idle. Cold weather operation: use a lighter weight oil; use fresh gasoline; fill fuel tank at the end of each day to prevent condensation; make sure battery is fully charged. Storing an engine 30 days or more: warm engine up; shut off fuel supply and let engine run out of gas; drain oil from crankcase and replace it; pour some oil into each cylinder; check air filter; remove battery; paint engine or coat parts with oil to prevent rust.