A survey conducted by Concrete Journal in 1993 showed that more than 9% of all respondents own a concrete pump, and only 3% planned to purchase a pump in 1994. One of the most frequently cited reasons not to buy a pump is cost. The cost of pumping equipment is one of the few drawbacks. Despite this, pump owners claim that the benefits of pumping outweigh the drawbacks. Pumps make it easy to reach difficult spaces, where a ready mix truck would have trouble gaining access. It is also advantageous when jobsites are wet, muddy or snowy. And the concrete is easily directed to the exact spot of placement. Some respondents to the poll expressed concern about a pump's influence on concrete quality. Pumping creates pressure, and that can lead to a loss of air entrainment. This is correctable by starting with a higher level of air entrainment. An important factor to consider before buying a pump is how much potential business is in your market area. Estimates vary as to how large a market is needed to make a pump purchase profitable.