On October 26, 2013, Silvi Concrete poured 7,029 cubic yards as work began on the BAPS project in Robbinsville, NJ. The concrete was for placed on a foundation that will become a new monument commissioned by the worldwide Hindu Organization known as BAPS. The structure is part of the third phase of a five phase project.

Nothing built to date by the BAPS community will be comparable to the enormity of this new structure. The complex, located in Robbinsville, NJ is the newest of six Hindu mega worship centers  around the world.  However, of the 6 centers this 170 acre lot will be the largest and most ornate in the world.

Phase 1 was the 70,000 square foot recreational and teaching facility was constructed in 2012. It was quickly followed by a 10,000 square foot temple.

The monument’s foundation is 49,000 square feet and three feet thick.  It contains 160,000 tons of stainless steel rebar and more than over 7,000 cubic yards of concrete. When completed, the monument will occupy over an acre of land and will stand 170 feet tall.  When finished as part of Phase 3, the monument will match the temples exterior design that uses intricately carved marble figurines of animals, people, and other carvings associated with the Hindu religion to shroud the structures.

Silvi Concrete was awarded the task of supplying concrete for the foundation. To complete the monolithic placement per the engineers’ specification, Silvi Concrete committed to deliver 600 cubic yards per hour during a 12-hour period.  The producer used 108 trucks and 3 central mix concrete plants.

Silvi was prepared for almost anything.  There had been countless hours of meetings to discuss the possible problems that might occur and formulate solutions to those challenges.

Silvi stockpiled fly ash for weeks prior to the pour in portable blimps. And to service their other  customers on Monday morning, Silvi stockpiled enough sand, stone, and cement for their anticipated needs.

Silvi took several operational precautions. They manned fully stocked repair trucks at the site and their plants in the event of a truck or pump breakdown.  In addition, an emergency forth batch plant was open and ready to go in case one of the main plants experienced problems. The producer had staff in place to help fuel the trucks as drivers arrived back at the plant.

Silvi also had twenty additional employees on site to aid in quality control, traffic management, and truck placement. To top it all off, Silvi’s owners and senior directors got involved by placing chute extensions on trucks to speed up the discharge process.

At 5:45 AM on the day of the placement, the trucks started rolling on to the site.  They began feeding concrete pump trucks strategically staged around the foundation. To reduce waiting time Silvi’s trucks there were also several locations situated between the pumps where mixers could dump directly into the forms.  After the first hour, 748 yards had been placed. Six hours into the pour, over 3500 yards had been delivered.

A little after 7:00 PM, the last truck discharged into the forms, culminating in a 7029 yard pour without any interruption.  It was the largest single pour in the company’s history and one of Silvi’s biggest accomplishments.

When asked about the success of the pour President Laurence Silvi II said, “It truly was a complete effort from everyone involved which allowed this pour to go perfectly”.

Silvi Concrete is a member of The SILVI GROUP and headquartered in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania.  The SILVI GROUP was founded in 1946, employs over 200 people and consists of companies engaged in the manufacture of ready-mixed concrete, mining, cement, and real estate in southeastern PA and central and southern NJ.