For the new year, ready-mix producers will want to update their quality control reference libraries with a new ACI document and the current version of a key industry ASTM standard.

Contract specification

ACI published 311.6-09, Specification for Ready Mixed Concrete Testing Services, in December. This new reference specification outlines testing agency requirements for field and laboratory testing of ready-mixed concrete delivered to any construction project.

Producers can supply this to engineers and specifiers so they will make it a part of a contract. This can be done with a statement such as, “Testing services for (this contract) shall conform to all requirements of ACI 311.6-09 published by the American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Michigan, except as modified by this contract.”

ACI Specification 311.6-09 was designed to be used by reference or incorporation in its entirety in the contract for testing services. Producers must remind the engineers and specifiers not to copy individual sections, parts, articles, or paragraphs into a contract. Removing them from the text may cause a reader to take the wording out of context and may change the meaning. Should there be a need for any special testing requirements or conditions of note, the specifier should supplement the provisions of ACI 311.6-09 as needed by specifying individual project requirements in the contract.

Specification for Ready Mixed Concrete Testing Services costs $31.50. To learn more or to order this document, visit ACI's online bookstore at, or telephone 248-848-3800 and mention order code 311609.EM.

Revised ASTM C94

With its previous edition published in 2007, the C94/C94M, “Standard Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete,” was revised to C94/C94M-09a by ASTM in late December. This specification covers ready-mix concrete manufactured and delivered in freshly mixed and unhardened states. Visit to view the document summary page and to buy the standard.