More of our customers are starting to ask us about the possibility of using self-consolidating concrete. What’s going on with the development of standardized tests for SCC?

ASTM’s subcommittee on self-consolidating concrete met Dec. 6, 2004, in Washington, D.C., to address the few remaining issues related to standard specifications for two SCC tests: the static segregation test, which measures stability, and the slump flow test, which measures flow. Following recent votes on both documents, the one remaining question focused on how to incorporate a discussion of segregation in these relatively fluid concrete mixes.

It seems likely that with the revisions the committee adopted these standards will pass on the next ballot and the published documents should then become available sometime this year. You should be aware that a large part of resolving the segregation issue was based on reaffirming the application-specific nature of each mix design. Even with standardized test methods, it is still necessary to confirm the suitability of a mix design to it intended purpose, and perhaps even more so with SCC.

Round robin testing has been completed on a third test, the J-ring test, which measures passability. That document is nearing completion and should be put up for a vote soon.

A fourth test, the U-box test, which measures fillability, is growing in use in this country. The subcommittee voted to initiate development of a standard test procedure for that test as well. If you have an interest in contributing to that effort, visit the C09.47 section of the ASTM Web site at