Many producers have used fly ash as a partial replacement for portland cement. Research scientists and engineers at Mineral Resource Technologies, Atlanta, believe their products offer an economical alternative: complete replacement.Based on their research findings, Bob Styron's team has developed additives that are blended with the enhanced Type C fly ash by the manufacturer to create three cement formulations. These formulations have resulted in MRT's three new fly-ash cements. They are:

A blended hydraulic cement suitable for any type of concrete or manufactured concrete item with a specification requiring portland cement types I through III.

A rapid (and intermediate) hardening cement contractors and producers can use for patching, precast products or other manufacturing that requires high early strength and quick setting.

A masonry cement masonry contractors can blend with sand for all types of mortar applications.Even with the cost of the formulation chemicals and blending operations, these new cements should be very economical. With fly ash as the primary ingredient, total material costs are reduced. The manufacturing process requires relatively little in energy and capital investment for the manufacturer. Mixes using this cement require less water, and manufacturer's field tests indicated substantially less shrinkage cracking. Contractors do not need any special finishing tools or practices when placing fly ash mixes. MRT is currently working with a number of fly ash sources across the country to install the necessary blending equipment to produce the cements. The company plans to have processing plants in the Southwest, Midwest and Southeast in the near future.

Keywords: fly ash, Class C, Class F, Mineral Resource Technologies, MRT, replacement