It seems there are lots of awards out there recognizing concrete projects: ACI’s new project awards, the TCA awards, the ASCC decorative concrete awards, to name a few. We wanted to take that one step further and recognize the team behind a great concrete construction project. Sure the project will be the unifying factor but the recognition will be of the project team: the owner, the concrete contractor, and the concrete supplier.

The Triad Award is being sponsored by Concrete Construction, The Concrete Producer, and Public Works magazines with the support of Holcim. Interestingly, though, Holcim’s leaders did not want this to be a Holcim award but an industry award honoring outstanding publicly-owned concrete projects that demonstrate innovation, sustainability, and leadership, with a focus on projects that use portland limestone cement (PLC)—an innovative and sustainable material. Other industry manufacturers that support the goals are also welcome to support the awards program.

The winning project, and two runners-up, will be featured in each of the sponsoring magazines as well as at a World of Concrete Luncheon and Forum where project team members will talk about how they were able to be successful through teamwork and innovation. It should be worth sitting in on!

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Take a look at last year’s winner of the Triad Award, the New Mississippi River Bridge.

Video: Holcim’s Mark Luther describes the development and performance of the mass concrete mixes used in the new Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, the 2014 winner of the Hanley Wood Triad Award for the best teamwork on a major concrete public works project.