The RMC Research & Education Foundation has released the revised version of its “Pervious Concrete Research Compilation.” The new version includes information on pervious concrete research studies completed and underway since the original compilation was published in 2006.

It now includes abstracts of study findings, as well as links to study information on the Internet, where applicable. The original author, Dr. Heather Brown, director of the Concrete Industry Management program at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, updated the compilation.

The foundation's board of trustees originally commissioned the compilation to better understand the wide range of pervious concrete research already existing and to ensure it would not approve funding for duplicate research.

“Given the important role of pervious concrete in the sustainable development movement and the foundation's desire to fund projects that will improve the application, the trustees sought to have this compilation completed and later updated to obtain a better understanding of the breadth of existing knowledge on pervious concrete,” said George Gregory, of ESSROC Cement and RMC Research & Education Foundation chairman.

You can download the revised “Pervious Concrete Research Compilation” from the foundation's Web site at,

where you can find the foundation's research and education projects. Hardcopies also are available.