Late last month, U.S. Concrete Precast, a U.S. Concrete company, began building a portion of the 2500 precast pieces that will serve as the base of the Long Beach Island boardwalk in Long Beach, N.Y. The boardwalk, destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in October of last year, is an overall rebuild estimated at nearly $44.2 million.

The reconstruction will utilize precast concrete, a type of concrete that is pre-manufactured off-site and then transported and installed on-site at a later date. The concrete is less susceptible to storm damage than the traditional wood planks used in the past and is built to withstand the high velocity winds of hurricanes that commonly occur on east coast beaches. The nostalgic feel of the boardwalk will be preserved by inlaying tropical wood planks on top of the precast, on which visitors will then be able to walk.

"Precast will not only provide long-lasting strength and resistance to hurricane-type storms, but also a resistance to the harsh salt water environment. It will also provide longevity unmatched by wood," said General Manager of U.S. Concrete Precast Marc Davis.

The product produced in the Middleburg plant will be transported to Long Beach, N.Y., for installation. A small piece of the 2.25-mile-long boardwalk is expected to open in July while the finished product is anticipated to be completed in November.

"U.S. Concrete Precast is excited to be a part of this project and to contribute to the Long Beach community by aiding in the restoration of the boardwalk. The boardwalk is such an iconic symbol of this community and many others along the eastern coastline. We couldn't be more excited to play a role in bringing it back to its fullest potential," said Davis.