Bulletproof concrete is a marketing term developed by the Kentucky Ready Mixed Concrete Association (KRMCA) Promotion Committee. It refers to a mix designed to withstand all the conditions that nature can deliver without damage to the concrete. Bulletproof concrete is marketed on the basis that it is inexpensive insurance against future problems. Each company develops its own mix design based on its market and local conditions. Some guidelines include: a high cement content, with a water-cement ration of .40 to .45; using Class C or F fly ash to help with strength and workability; achieving workability by using mid- or high-range water reducers as part of the mix design; including fiber in the mix design and promoting it as a replacement for wire mesh; checking for air entrainment of 6% +/-1; climatizing the mix design to fit conditions, both in hot and cold weather; ensuring clean and well-graded aggregate; encouraging the use of evaporation retardant in hot, windy conditions; selling quality curing compounds and encouraging the use of insulating blankets in cold weather.