Interest in increasing concrete production efficiencies has no boundaries, as was evident in the success many exhibitors discovered at World of Concrete's European launch in Paris this week. The event is a part of Intermat 2015, a traditional equipment exposition, one of the triennial events that include ConExpo and Bauma.

Gathered in Hall 7 of the exposition halls at Paris-Nord Villepinte, World of Concrete Europe included technical presentations and an outdoor demonstration area. And from evidence of these first three days, the event has been a success. The exhibition area featured a strong mix of North American and European manufacturers of equipment and materials. Several American manufacturers including Command Alkon and Besser were at the show. Duane Rondeau of Besser said “there is a good amount of interest for our technology.” European manufacturers who have developed strong U.S. followings such as Sicoma, Schwing, and Putzmeister also had a large presence at the show.

Several producers told me that their most likely 2015 capital investment involves upgrading their process water systems. This could be a developing trend in concrete production happening in Europe and North America, so I spent some time with two French manufacturers considering bringing their product to the U.S. in the next year or so.

Like the U.S. producers north of the Mason-Dixon line, plant managers world-wide must be ready to batch in cold weather. CM Regero, a French manufacturer based in La Chapelle-Basse-Mer, displayed two units to help batch warm concrete in cold weather. The EC 600 is a low pressure water heater designed to warm batch water. The company rates the unit at 6,000 liters per hour when trying to attain 70° C. The unit is modular and simple to insert into almost any batching operation. The manufacturer also displayed a water vaporizing unit designed to preheat aggregate in storage bins. This modular unit will create enough hot air vapors to keep aggregates from freezing and reduces the need for hot water. The company has a great deal of experience in exporting its units.

If you are considering adding a process water treatment plant, you might want to check out Aqua Concept Management, a Paris, France-based marketing firm that unveiled its ECOPRO process water treatment unit. This is self-contained module water treatment unit removes suspended solids and chromium while reducing the process water's pH to about 9. Michael Ferreira, marketing manager, said their units can treat about 5,000 gallons per hour with the smallest unit. The suspended solid separation occurs as the gray water passes through the media of four special filters. The captured solids are dewatered in a piston-powered press for disposal. Ferrieira said that they have been fielding testing a beta machine for about a year, and the producer has not reported any problems. “We’ve secured a U.S. distributor and hope to market this unit to the precast concrete industry,” said Ferreira. To learn more about this unit, email him at The company hopes to have its web site up soon.

Do you plan on upgrading your process water systems? If not, what will be your biggest investment in 2015?