Highways, streets, and parking lots are traditionally paved with asphalt in Minnesota. Even though concrete producers and contractors offer discount prices, asphalt continues its reign on this huge market. Studies show concrete retains at most 5% of the parking lot and street markets in Minnesota. In 1991, the Aggregate Ready Mix Association of Minnesota (ARM) set out to give pavement purchasers the truth about concrete pavement benefits by launching a low-budget statewide campaign. ARM designed a four-page, three-color newsletter titled Concrete Solutions. This newsletter was designed to be sent, via bulk mail, to roughly 2,500 architects, engineers, city council presidents and clerks, contractors, and concrete industry personnel three or four times a year. Each Concrete Solutions issue features concrete street and parking lot success stories from Minnesota, life-cycle cost tabulations, pavement design data, and testimonials, in an effort to convince pavement purchasers to build with concrete.