Unexpected crises are an unpleasant reality of the working world. Having to work under pressure can aggravate anyone to the point of ineffectiveness. This problem can be avoided if you keep calm and quickly assess the situation. You can overcome even the most threatening crisis if you: 1. Keep your emotions in check. Do not waste time by panicking, getting angry or blaming others. 2. Acknowledge the crisis and define the problem. Go over the basic facts. 3. Come up with several solutions with colleagues and employees. 4. Choose the best solution and then rank others as backups. 5. Put your solutions into effect. Once the crisis has been resolved, take a look at the results and learn from them. Analyze the success or failure of your final solution and figure out what worked and what didn't, and keep track of that information for future reference. Discuss what you have learned with others involved in the crisis, and finally, compliment yourself on a job well done.