Dispatching is an important duty, requiring good problem solving and communication skills. Dispatchers take orders, schedule deliveries and keep trucks organized for duty. The dispatcher is usually the customer's first contact with the ready mix company. It is the dispatcher's duty to ask the right questions and acquire all necessary information, such as the use of the concrete, how it will be placed, method of payment, and if the order is firm or a will-call. In addition, they must courteously handle any complaints that customers might have. Scheduling all the orders into a workable delivery sequence requires flexibility, creativity, and knowing the realistic limitations of the company's batching and delivery capabilities. The scheduler must prioritize customers and schedule deliveries accordingly. Dispatching trucks requires the dispatcher to put the scheduling and orders into action. This entails figuring out how many trucks are needed for how long on each job, and then managing their actions efficiently. They must also learn to cope with problems such as inaccurate unloading times, stuck trucks, plant breakdowns or other worksite delays.