Placing the ice rink floor for the Kiel Center, St. Louis' newest sports entertainment facility, was one of the most critical aspects of the building's construction. The project's ready mixed concrete supplier was Five Star Concrete, the concrete contractor was Williams Concrete Contractors, and the general contractor was Ahal Contracting Co. Because ice quality is critical when playing hockey, uniform flatness and levelness in the concrete slab were essential. To control flatness and levelness--and to aid in consolidation--two laser-controlled, 52-foot-wide vibratory screeds were used. According to Dennis Ahal, president of Ahal Contracting, the greatest challenge was pouring the 202x102-foot slab monolithically. Concrete placement proceeded from one end of the rink to the other. Two trucks, located at either end of the rink, delivered a constant stream of concrete to the rink. After pouring, the floor was covered with polyethylene sheets to foster a slow, 14-day cure.