A survey conducted by Concrete Journal & Trader concluded that 10.5% of the readers use demonstrations to educate consumers. Jack Thelen, president of Thelen Ready Mix in Antioch, Ill., states that "Every demonstration has meant additional business. It has reduced complaints the next spring because the [contractors] can prevent problems." Thelen says demonstrations benefit the industry as a whole because contractors put down a good product. In addition to increasing sales, it creates an atmosphere where customers feel comfortable asking for advice. If contractors in your area have the same problems with concrete every year, choose a demonstration on proper techniques for finishing and working with your product that could alleviate those problems. It is important to get the right speaker for the demonstration. The person conducting the demonstration must be honest with the audience. If they do their job well, even the most skeptical contractors can learn new information on the latest techniques and newest technology. To help defray the cost of conducting a demonstration, many producers invite their suppliers to sponsor the day. Sponsorship benefits for the suppliers can include anything from having a tabletop display to speaking on the program.