Larry Carrier, owner of Bristol International Raceway, the only NASCAR racetrack in Tennessee, had his entire 0.533-mile high-bank track whitetopped. Bristol is the first all-concrete surface raceway in the nation. According to Carrier, choosing concrete was a simple matter of economics. He had spent an enormous amount of money in continually blacktopping the raceway only to see each race destroy the surface. Finally, he contacted Mobley Speed Floor Inc., of Dallas. Mobley, which specializes in super-flat industrial floors, recommended a 4-inch overlay of fiber-reinforced concrete and elected to use post-tensioning to eliminate nearly all joints. Tire tests conducted by Goodyear proved that the concrete surface was satisfactory to the needs of the track. Knowledgeable observers of NASCAR racing believe the new surface at Bristol could be the "beginning of the end" for asphalt surfaces on racetracks. Constant resurfacing is a common problem at other tracks around the country.