Mixer trucks are unique in that some configurations have space between the body and back of cab for a rail-mounted compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system.

“For mixer fleets that use CNG, Kenworth developed a kit to prepare the chassis for a simple, efficient installation of the fuel system,” says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director. “We provide factory-installed gauges, wiring, and pre-drilling for vertical fuel systems as well as a methane detection system.”

By deleting the additional weight associated with diesel emission control systems, a natural gas-powered mixer may be able to carry more payload over a comparable diesel engine. “Work with your truck salesperson and mixer body builder to assess whether a rail-mounted CNG system will work best for you,” Swihart says. “If it does, our chassis prep kit makes the installation process simpler and far more efficient.”

Also, natural gas trucks run quieter than diesel, which can allow operation during city “quiet hours”, helping to win bids where the competition may not be able to compete.