International Truck recently made available a new Web-based data repository called International Service Information Solutions (ISIS), a Microsoft Windows-based program developed for fleet managers and mechanics. Using a full-service port, the company posts original service manuals, updated bulletins, operators' manuals, warranty coverage, and coding manuals.

Mechanics can search for information on an individual unit by simply keypunching the vehicle's vehicle identification number (VIN). Once in the system, the viewer can access the complete library of service and repair information for a given truck. The easy availability of information is just a click away and maintained in real time; technicians will be able to pinpoint maintenance problems faster, thereby minimizing downtime.

The home page includes service repair information in five areas: model, component group, feature code, vendor, and engine. With a mouse click, fleet managers and mechanics can also access warranty date information, the origin of the vehicle, the previous owner, and the vehicle service contract.

When connected to the ISIS home page, the new owner will not only learn about the truck's major repair history but it also will be possible to review the recorded maintenance events of all of the truck's components.