Periodic inspections of the truck-mounted mixer-drum platform area can keep a truck driver safe.In the press of business, drivers may overlook "minor" platform maintenance flaws such as loose bolts, cracked ladder support members or even a missing drum guard. Here's a checklist to help keep the driver's perch safe.

  • Are all structural support members and welds solid?
  • Are all handrails secure?
  • Are ladder risers and the platform's floor clear of debris?
  • Are the ladder rails straight?
  • Does the access ladder flip down smoothly, and are hinge pins tight?
  • Is the washout hose long enough to let the driver safely spray inside the drum, but not so long as to become a tripping hazard?
  • Does the wash hose or nozzle leak?
  • Is the loading spout clean and dent-free so material loads quickly and directly into the drum?
  • Is there a tiedown for the washout hose?
  • Does the driver have a working flashlight with spare batteries for those predawn load-outs?
  • Is the drum guard securely in place?
  • Are all the nearby hydraulic lines leak-free?
  • Is the truck equipped with a small pail attached to a short length of rope so the driver can haul up admixture dosages and fiber bags from ground level and thus ensure three-point contact when climbing?

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