Producers can gain insights on the state of the concrete truck industry by reading a new report prepared by (SVN) of Modesto, Calif. The report covers the manufactures of trucks for concrete mix, concrete boom pumps, and volumetric mixers.

The study examines the industry from the standpoint of manufacturers that fill the essential task of providing customers with a dedicated vocational vehicle for concrete transport delivery and placement. About 20 companies in the United States and Canada are analyzed with data on sales, production volumes, and employees. Details of major companies include descriptions of their business and key operating features.

A detailed industry summary provides an overall picture of the size of the industry in terms of units and dollars. It also offers a breakdown of unit and market share for each of the four truck types discussed.

The research focused on four types of trucks: rear-discharge, front-discharge, concrete pump, and volumetric mixer trucks. The analysis differentiates between complete trucks versus manufacturing and installation only, of the mixer or pump unit on purchased chassis.

SVN interviewed industry executives, searched the Internet, and scrutinized numerous public domain documents to come up with the findings.

Some of the results include:

  • While the industry has numerous players and is highly fragmented, the leading manufacturer, McNeilus, accounts for only 55.7% of total sales, which are estimated at over $1.38 billion for all product categories.
  • Rear-discharge mixers are the leading type of truck amongst the four types examined.
  • There has been considerable growth in all truck categories, thanks to the housing and commercial building boom. However, the manufacturing of these types of trucks being cyclical, the report forecasts a slower growth outlook.
  • The 122-page study, “The Manufacture of Concrete Mix, Concrete Pump & Volumetric Mixer Trucks in North America,” is available as a complete report, or by individual sections for each of the four truck segments. There also are manufacturer profiles and contact directory/ database information of all the companies.

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