By displaying ECCO's slogan-Think Green. Think Concrete-Tim Becken, Cemstone's senior vice president of operations, wanted to show the local community Cemstone's commitment to environmental stewardship. Although the slogan didn't significantly increase the public's awareness of concrete's environmental benefits, Becken views the company's action as a small step toward building a better image for the concrete industry.

The industry's need to promote concrete's environmental benefits is supported by a 1995 Portland Cement Association survey of building owners on environmental issues. The good news was that the majority (87%) of respondents indicated that environmental concerns influenced their purchasing decisions. The bad news? Respondents rated the lumber and steel industries more "environmentally conscious" than the concrete industry.

Fleet managers recognize that their trucks can be billboards promoting their company's excellence. So by including the ECCO logo on selected trucks, they are gradually helping to change the public's perception.

The article includes an explanation of the Environmental Council of Concrete Organizations.