Last year, when we asked what technologies you’re investing in, the second-highest response was telematics.

In many ways, that’s not surprising.

Ready-mix trucks are a big capital expenditure, and telematics – the term of art for technology that provides location and operating information – enables you to manage your fleet most cost-effectively.

In addition to monitoring truck location, the technology monitors vehicle movements, status, and behavior. A combination of a GPS receiver and an electronic GSM device installed in the vehicle sends information back in real time to web-based  software.

The right software can help you increase productivity, lower labor and fuel costs, improve driver safety, and run a more environmentally friendly business. It can even be used to manage air content in freshly mixed concrete.

Obviously, this is a powerful tool.

So I’m curious. Have you implemented telematics solutions? Overall, has the experience been positive or negative? Why?

Has it increased productivity? Has geofencing helped you improve customer service? Has truck utilization increased? Have you been able to do the same amount of work with fewer drivers? How are you measuring return on your investment?

I’d love to get your feedback about telematics.