Automatic grease applicators increase maintenance efficiency while lowering labor costs. Automatic chassis lubrication systems keep parts properly greased and reduce labor costs by transforming every driver into a greaser. New systems can meet a wide range of producers' needs, from simple hand-pump units for the truck-mounted mixer drum to automatic-full chassis that lubricate most service points, including lift axles. Manufacturers can also design systems to meet special needs such greasing the slider rails on extendable-chassis trucks. According to David Grigsby, president of Grigsby Supply, a truck dealer in Fort Meyers, Fla., adding a four-point drum lube system is an economical investment that ensures completion of some daily maintenance procedures. Greasing is easier and safer for drivers, since the grease pump is located at a ground level eliminating the need for climbing or reaching close to the rotating drum. The setup often extends bearing life because greasing is easier and likely to be done after each load and because the system uses flow-monitoring blocks that restrict the pressure and quantity of lubricant. The system also eliminates grease tubes, as drivers can refill the truck-mounted canister from a central grease supply can. Manufacturers can configure automatic lube systems for the entire vehicle that eliminate the need for daily manual operation. In this configuration, grease lines extend through a series of control ports and are fed by a centrally placed dispenser. An automatic timer dispenses grease, allowing drivers to focus on customer service instead of looking after maintenance. Manufacturers also offer systems for concrete pumps. These systems service all pump lubrication points, including the chassis, boom, and slewing gear/rock valve. One manufacturer reports that the service life of many wear components can be increased by up to 400%. Keywords: grease, greasers, chassis, lubrication, lubricate, lube, pump, Lincoln Industrial, Vogel Lubrication