To protect against tree limbs and other impacting objects, lighting manufactures offer raised brush guards or deflector mounts. Some have found ways to make lighting fixtures smaller without losing brightness.

Truck-Lite introduced a ¾-inch LED clearance/marker lamp almost two years ago. Peterson recently announced its version. These small lamps can be recessed into structural members and panels to protect from impact.

But there are several problems manufacturers can't guard against. For example, incandescent lamps have glowing filaments that thin and burn out as lamps age.

Many truck manufactures offer LEDs because they cost less than incandescent lamps. LEDs also work well even when voltage is at or below nine volts.

To help with visibility on night pours, many producers have been adding work lights. These lights are subject to shock and vibration damage like other incandescent lights. But this problem may be solved. Truck-Lite just introduced a white LED work light that offers greater reliability in rugged nighttime operations.

Another product that can help dispel the dark is Nite Lite, the first portable work zone light designed specifically for road construction. The Nite Lite is lightweight and easily transportable, providing a non-glaring white light for all moving and static nighttime construction projects. The Nite Lite draws only four amps at 120 volts AC from a 60Hz electrical source. Light output is rated at 42,000 lumens, which is sufficient to light a 15,000-square-foot area.

When operating in remote areas without a portable generator, your trucks can produce an ample supply of 120-volt AC current for up to four Nite Lite units with an on-board inverter. Prices vary, but higher quality inverters like those from Xantrex stand up best to shock and vibration and have lowest internal current losses.

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