In an industry where customer service rules, concrete delivery truck drivers feel the need to plow through deep mud and ruts or jump an occasional curb to get to just the right spot. While aligning axles after each delivery is impractical, producers can make adjustments to wheels and front ends more often and by themselves with a recently introduced portable laser-based alignment system. The system measures camber, toe and thrust angle on three-axle tractors and trailers and on all truck chassis. Protrak, developed and marketed by M.D. Alignment, Urbandale, Iowa, is a portable system that performs like traditional, high-tech computerized alignment systems, but at a quarter of the initial equipment cost. Lightweight and battery-operated, the portable system makes regularly scheduled alignment possible--and eliminates the need to send to send trucks to a service center for extended periods. Keywords: tire, laser, alignment, M.D. Alignment, axle