Proper wheel-bearing maintenance might be one aspect of a producer's overall maintenance program that seems small, but it has great influence on fleet availability. As electronic brake systems become more common, proper wheel alignment is a must to ensure accurate wheel-end sensor monitoring. Engineers from one automotive part manufacturer have met this challenge with a new design for an axle spindle nut. The manufacturer's new nut is a single part with four permanently assembled components rather than the traditional three-piece locking systems. Since the nut system is categorized by axle application, size and spindle keyway machining, mechanics don't need to inventory a wide range of washers, keepers and lock rings. The system's greatest benefit is the ease with which mechanics can install and position the nut on the axle. The manufacturer reports that takes less than half the time required for traditional three-piece systems. Mechanics also save time on final adjustments. Truck manufacturers such as Freightliner and Sterling have recognized the wheel-bearing nut system's benefits and now offer it as an option on some models, if not as standard equipment. Keywords: truck, axle, wheel, bearing, nut, spindle, Metform, Axilok