In order to decide which lift truck is right for your operation, you need to consider several choices, and determine which characteristics best fit your needs. Benefits of owning the right lift truck include reduced operating costs, improved control of pallet operations, better customer service at lower cost, increased production and greater product quality, and durability. The first thing to consider is what type of engine you want. Electric and internal combustion engines each have their own specific advantages and disadvantages, as do the different types of internal combustion engines--gasoline, LPG gas, and diesel. The type of tires your truck will use is another important factor. Depending on where your lift truck will be operating, you may want either solid or pneumatic tires. Lift capacity determines the size of your truck, and is a function of the lift height and reach. The greater the reach, the smaller the lift capacity. The truck must fit the layout of your plant--it cannot be too large to enter or operate inside your specified area. Check factors such as turning radius and minimum clearance, as well as different clearances at your plant. Many manufacturers offer a choice of performance options. The lift truck must provide sufficient performance for your plant.